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2019 Doc’s Kingdom
Forest of signs

September 1 — 6
Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal


In the presence of André Gil Mata, Hiroatsu Suzuki and Rossana Torres, Ian Soroka, Jean-Jacques Andrien, Jodie Mack, Johann Lurf, Laura Huertas Millán, Lula Pena, Mohanad Yaqubi and films by Robert Kramer.

The head in the stars, draped in colorful patterned fabrics, let us wander in the forests in search of imagined territories. Between sky and earth, light and darkness, memory and forgetfulness, may the projections sparkle and the words resound. Let’s open the windows and let in the wind. Let’s dive into timeless waters reflecting the flickering flames of our multiplied lives. Let’s cut, open up, dig, weave, unfold, draw maps to get lost, in order to better find ourselves in the habitable world of cinema.

From the 1st through the 6th of September in Arcos de Valdevez, Doc's Kingdom gathers an international community of 100 participants for an intensive program of screenings and discussions, also including meals, walks and special events. Doc's Kingdom is the unabridged and cumulative experience including surprise film screenings, collective discussions and the informal gathering in a bucolic environment, with guest filmmakers in person during the whole seminar.


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