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Doc’s Kingdom 2018
World Machine

Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal
2 — 7 September

the machine of the world began to open
for one who`d lost all desire to breach it
and mourned for having once wanted to.

majestic and circumspect it opened,
without emitting one impure sound
nor more light than could be suffered

by these pupils sore from scanning
so much desert, or this mind
exhausted from imagining

Carlos Drummond de Andrade
a máquina do mundo, 1951

“Look, take notice, listen”, the machine of the world says to the wanderer when they meet on the road. But after catching a glimpse of the utopia of progress, opened to him by the machine, the traveller rejects it and slowly goes on his way, hands at his sides, meditating on his loss. Following the Brazilian poet, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, on his disenchanted rereading of the world-machine of Camões (1572), we want to go back to the road of that encounter with the machine of the world. There, we will investigate the possibilities and dilemmas posed today to the cinema machine facing a global belligerent, extractive, exploiting machinery whose only rule is to hide its mechanics and operating codes. 

From observational documentary to forensic architecture, Doc’s Kingdom 2018 proposes a program of investigations and experiences reinvesting on the capacity of cinema to plunge into the contingency of historical time and attest, by its own means, the indisputable evidence of the real. Among the audiovisual gear of war and control machines dodging their own counter-shot, what strategies are filmmakers, artists and scientists developing to give us back an image of the world?

In the presence of Daniel Mann, Deborah Stratman, Eitan Efrat, Hannah Meszaros Martin, João Pedro Rodrigues, Jumana Manna, Maria Augusta Ramos, Nicolás Pereda, and Sirah Foighel Brutman, Doc's Kingdom 2018 was programmed by Patrícia Mourão and Nuno Lisboa.

From the 2nd through the 7th of September in Arcos de Valdevez, the seminar gathered an international community of 100 participants for an intensive program of screenings and discussions, also including meals, walks and special events. Doc's Kingdom is the unabridged and cumulative experience including film screenings, collective discussions and the informal gathering in a bucolic environment, with guest filmmakers in person during the whole seminar



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