Doc's Kingdom 2021: The Movement of Things

Arcos de Valdevez, October 1 - 5

Registration is open for Doc’s Kingdom 2021: from October 1 to 5, in Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal, The Movement of Things celebrates cinema as a communal experience in the presence of Manuela Serra, Jeannette Muñoz, Jessica Sarah Rinland, Naomi Uman and Sílvia das Fadas, among other featured filmmakers to be announced. The program of a seminar that took the name of a film by Robert Kramer ("Doc's Kingdom", Portugal, 1988) is inspired this year by another film, the only one directed by Manuela Serra ("The Movement of Things", Portugal, 1986/ 2021), commercially premiered 40 years after it was filmed in Lanheses, near Arcos de Valdevez. Putting in dialogue works and filmmakers imagining communities in the fragility of encounters, finding its unique force and form there, Doc's Kingdom 2021 brings together gestures that call us to a tactile experience of cinema, including an unprecedented series of 16mm projections at the seminar.

Doc's Kingdom seminar is open to the public, registration is first come first served, with limited capacity. All registration options give access to all events organized by Doc's Kingdom in Arcos de Valdevez, OPENING ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON, OCTOBER 1st, and CLOSING ON TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 5th. Doc's Kingdom is annually renewed since 2000 as the unabridged immersive experience including three daily screenings, a secret lineup of films until the beginning of each projection, open air conversations with and between filmmakers, meals, walks and dives in the river Vez. The seminar is structured in morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Daily Screenings start at 10 am and are followed by collective discussions in the presence of featured filmmakers.

HOW TO REGISTER: 1. Fill in and submit
REGISTRATION FORM; 2. follow instructions for payment to be received via email; 3. Send receipt of payment to validate registration.

50 Euros - Registration (all screenings and discussions + seminar reader and bag).

150 Euros - Registration with all meals included except breakfast (9 meals, from dinner on Friday, October 1 to dinner on Tuesday, October 5).

300 Euros - Registration with 5 nights accommodation in shared double room + all meals included (breakfast included + 9 meals from dinner on Friday, October 1 to breakfast on Wednesday, October 6).

450 Euros - Registration with 5 nights accommodation in single room + all meals included (breakfast included + 9 meals from dinner on Friday, October 1 to breakfast on Wednesday, October 6).

All events and venues of Doc’s Kingdom 2021 in Arcos de Valdevez are organized under public health safety conditions, in close coordination with the local Municipality and respecting the rules and guidelines of the Portuguese general directorate of health.

Doc’s Kingdom 2021 is organized by Apordoc — Associação pelo Documentário, in co-production with Cineclube de Arcos de Valdevez, with public funding by ICA — Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual, Ministério da Cultura, República Portuguesa.

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