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Forest of signs

The head in the stars, draped in colorful patterned fabrics, let us wander in the forests in search of imagined territories. Between sky and earth, light and darkness, memory and forgetfulness, may the projections sparkle and the words resound. Let’s open the windows and let in the wind. Let’s dive into timeless waters reflecting the flickering flames of our multiplied lives. Let’s cut, open up, dig, weave, unfold, draw maps to get lost, in order to better find ourselves in the habitable world of cinema.

From the 1st through the 6th of September in Arcos de Valdevez, Doc's Kingdom gathered an international community of 100 participants for an imersive program of screenings and discussions, also including meals, walks and special events. Doc's Kingdom is the unabridged and cumulative experience including surprise film screenings, collective discussions and the informal gathering in a bucolic environment, with guest filmmakers in person during the whole seminar.

The 2019 Doc's Kingdom Seminar was programmed by Agnès Wildenstein and Nuno Lisboa. In order to encourage full commitment with the whole weeklong program,
the lineup of films screened at the seminar is kept undisclosed. At arrival, participants receive the seminar reader with information about the program and guest filmmakers. Film notes are given only at the end of each screening. Along the week, participants know they will see several works by each  filmmaker and have the opportunity to discuss in an intimate atmosphere.
2019: Forest of signs

In the presence of André Gil Mata, Hiroatsu Suzuki e Rossana Torres, Ian Soroka, Jean-Jacques Andrien, Jodie Mack, Johann Lurf, Laura Huertas Millán, Lula Pena, Mohanad Yaqubi, and films by Robert Kramer.

1st September, Sunday

9.30 pm   
Opening session

                Robert Kramer
                BERLIN 10/90 (1990, 64 min.)

                Discussion with Erika Kramer

2nd September, Monday

10 am      
Jean-Jacques Andrien
IL A PLU SUR LE GRAND PAYSAGE (1981, 100 min.)

                 Discussion with 
Jean-Jacques Andrien

2.30 pm    
Jodie Mack
(2007, 7 min.)

                 Ian Soroka
                  GREETINGS FROM FREE FORESTS (2018, 99 min.)

                 Discussion with Jodie Mack and Ian Soroka

9.30 pm     Johann Lurf
(2017, 5 min.)

                  Hiroatsu Suzuki and Rossana Torres
                  TERRA (2018, 60 min.)

                 Discussion with Johann Lurf, Rossana Torres and Hiroatsu Suzuki

12 pm        Lula Pena
                  ARCHIVO PITTORESCO (concert, 75 min.)

3rd September, Tuesday

10 am         
Johann Lurf
                    VERTIGO RUSH (2007, 19 min.)
                   André Gil Mata
                    DRVO (2018, 104 min.)

                  Discussion with Johann Lurf and André Gil Mata

2.30 pm       Mohanad Yaqubi
                    OFF FRAME AKA REVOLUTION UNTIL VICTORY (2016, 62 min.)

   Discussion with Mohanad Yaqubi

9.30 pm        Laura Huertas MIllán
                     LA LIBERTAD (2017, 29 min.)

                    Jodie Mack
                    THE GRAND BIZARRE (2018, 61 min.)

                     Discussion with
Laura Huertas MIllán and Jodie Mack

4th September, Wednesday

10 am          
Ian Soroka
                     NEVADA: OF LANDSCAPE AND LONGING (2011, 15 min.)

                  Hiroatsu Suzuki and
Rossana Torres
                     CORDÃO VERDE (2009, 33 min.)

                  Jean-Jacques Andrien
                     LE GRAND PAYSAGE D’ALEXIS DROEVEN (1981, 88 min.)

                     Discussion with Ian Soroka, Hiroatsu Suzuki, Rossana Torres
Jean-Jacques Andrien

2.30 pm         Laura Huertas Millán
                      JENY303 (2018, 6 min.)
                      SOL NEGRO
(2016, 42 min.)

André Gil Mata
                      KAKO SAM SE ZALJUBIO U EVA RAS
(2016, 74 min.)
                  Discussion with Laura Huertas Millán and André Gil Mata

9.30 pm         Johann Lurf
                      ★ (2017, 102 min.)
                      Discussion wtih Johann Lurf and Jodie Mack

5th September, Thursday

10 am           
Jodie Mack
                     MOTION’S NOT DEAD (masterclass, 60 min.) 

                    Mohanad Yaqubi
                    THE TOKYO REELS: POLITICS OF SOLIDARITY (work in progress, 60 min.)

2.30 pm          
Robert Kramer
                      ROUTE ONE/USA (1989, 255 min.)

9.30 pm          Miguel C. Tavares
                     TRILHO (2019, 17 min.)

                    Laura Hertas Millán
                    AEQUADOR (2012, 19 min.)

                    André Gil Mata
                    ARCA D’ÁGUA (2009, 22 min.)

                  Discussion with Laura Huertas Millán and André Gil Mata

7th September, Friday

10 am         Ian Soroka
                  NOSTALGIA (2012, 15 min.)

                  Hiroatsu Suzuki and Rossana Torres
                  O SABOR DO LEITE CREME (2012, 74 min.)

                  Discussion with Ian Soroka, Rossana Torres and Hiroatsu Suzuki

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