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About the 2000 edition

In the last few years, documentary film has had a clear production boom, and has earned something which it seldom or never had in precious historical periods: a market of its own, brought about by television demand. That marke r
epresents a huge challenge, but also, first and foremost, a profound mutation concerning this area of production and distribution’s context. On the other hand, it produces new production and language patterns. Along with this market, the rules have changed, new tensions appeared. But… in view of that mutation in context, what films are actually being made?

In Serpa we wish to discuss films and their language. We wish to start from the concrete analysis of works to understand which bigger challenges for cinema and the image they present nowadays. We wish to understand which works trouble or put into question the new patterns of reading and consuming images (and) of our world. Or which works trouble us and put us into question in view of those new patterns… We do not wish to discuss documentary “in itself” but the cinema which is being made within it.

2000 edition


With the presence of
Pierre-Marie Goulet, Pierre Primetens, Danielle Arbid, Evelyne Ragot, Daniel Nguyen Van, Sergei Dvortsevoy, Andrijana Stojkovic, Kanerva Cedestrom,
Marie Clémence Paes, Pedro Costa, Rithy Panh


9 am        
Pierre-Marie Goulet
Polifonias. Paci è saluta, Michel Giacometti (1997, 82’)


9.30 am     Pierre Primetens

Un voyage au Portugal (2000, 13’)

Danille Arbid
Seule avec la guerre (2000, 58’)

Evelyne Ragot
Nalan Turkeli, une femme des bidonvilles (1999, 62’)

Daniel Nguyen Van
Sur la route des fantômes (1998, 52’)

3 pm          Discussion with Pierre Primetens, Danielle Arbid, Evelyne Ragot,
Daniel Nguyen Van; moderation by Jean Breschand, Alex Dessens

9.30 pm     Eduardo Coutinho

Santo Forte (1997, 80’)

9.30 am     Sergei Dvortsevoy

Sczast’e [Paradise] (1995, 22’)
Khlebnyl [Bread Day] (1998, 55’)
Highway (1999, 57’)

Andrijana Stojkovic
Kuca [Home] (1996, 7’20)
Ostrvo [An Island] (1997, 6’25)

3 pm          Discussion with Sergei Dvortsevoy, Andrijana Stojkovic;
moderation by José Manuel Costa, Catarina Alves Costa

6 pm          Kanerva Cedestrom

Trans-Siberia – Muistiinpanoja leireilta   [Trans-Siberia – Notes from the Camps]
    (1999, 58’)

9.30 pm     Artavazd Pelechian

Vremiena Goda [The Seasons] (1972, 30’)

Ebrahim Mokhtari
Zinat, une journée particulière (2000, 52’)


9.30 am     Johan van der Keuken

De Grote Vakantie [The Long Holiday] (1999, 142’)

Robert Frank
Sanyu (2000, 29’)

3 pm         
Discussion with Kanerva Cedestrom;
moderation by Serge Meurant, Kees Bakker

6 pm          Jia Zhangke

Xiao Wu [Pickpocket] (1997, 108’)

9.30 pm    Cesar Paes, Marie Clémence Paes

Saudade do Futuro (2000, 94’)


9.30 am
    Pedro Costa
No Quarto da Vanda (2000,170’)

3 pm         
Discussion with Pedro Costa;
moderation by Emmanuel Burdeau, Thierry Lounas

9.30 pm     Rithy Panh

La terre des âmes errantes (1999, 98’)


9.30 am
    Robert Kramer
Doc’s Kingdom (1987, 90’)

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