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About the  2005 edition

Rural life, landscape, memory: we offer them as the subject matter(s) of cinema – and we therefore suggest that they also be translated, right from the start, through themes such as gaze, interaction (confronting the camera), movement, work upon space, and work upon time.

Along the way we will open doors upon other worlds, both large and small, which offer prospects for future debates: initiation to images, archival images, and the territory of cinema within the territory of images.

As a conclusion, before our final assessment, we would also encourage a return to some of the themes which extend throughout a number of the brightest examples of Portuguese cinema.
2005 edition


With the presence of
Alexander Gerner, Maya Rosa, Giuseppe Morandi, Pierre-Marie Goulet,
Mohamad Al Roumi, Li Yifan,
Catarina Mourão, Sasithorn Ariyavicha, Susana de Sousa Dias,
Joaquim Sapinho,
Mercedes Álvarez, Victor Erice, Saguenail, Regina Guimarães


9 pm         
Alexander Gerner
Fugir Atrás do Olhar (2002, 15’)

Raymond Depardon
Profils Paysans: L’Approche (2000, 90’)


10 am        Raymond Depardon

Profils Paysans: Le Quotidien (2004, 85’)

12 noon     Discussion moderated by Margarida Medeiros, Catarina Alves Costa

3 pm          Maya Rosa

No Jardim do Mundo (2004, 65’)

4.30 pm     Giuseppe Morandi

I Paisan (1956-91, 128’)

6 pm         
Discussion with Maya Rosa, Giuseppe Morandi;
moderation by Eduarda Dionísio, Catarina Alves Costa

Pierre-Marie Goulet
Encontros - fragmentos em trabalho (2005, 30’)

10h00        Mohamad Al Roumi

Azrack-Ramadi [Blue-Gray] (2004, 23’)

10h45        Yan Yu, Li Yifan

Yan Mo [Before the Flood] (2005, 150’)

Discussion with Mohamad Al Roumi, Li Yifan;
moderation by Catarina Alves Costa

5 pm          The First Look programme, presented by the associaiton “Os Filhos de Lumière”

10 pm        Catarina Mourão

A Minha Aldeia já não Mora Aqui (2005, 70')


10 am        Sasithorn Ariyavicha

Birth of the Seanéma (2004, 70’)

11 am       
Discussion with Sasithorn Ariyavicha;
moderation by José Manuel Costa, Paulo Fonseca, Patrícia Braz

12 noon     Susana de Sousa Dias

Natureza Morta (2004, 72’)

3.30 pm    
Discussion with Susana Sousa Dias;
moderation by Margarida Cardoso, José Manuel Costa

5 pm          Joaquim Sapinho

Diários da Bósnia - work in progress (2005, 100’)

6.30 pm    
Discussion with Joaquim Sapinho;
moderation by José Manuel Costa


10 am
       Mercedes Álvarez
El cielo gira (2004, 110’)

12 noon    
Discussion with Mercedes Álvarez, Victor Erice;
moderation by Catarina Alves Costa, Catarina Mourão

4 pm          Victor Erice

Alumbramiento (2002, 10’)

Artavazd Pelechian
Konec [End] (1992, 8’)
Zizn’ [Life] (1993, 9’)

Abbas Kiarostami
Five (2004, 74’)

Discussion with Victor Erice, Mercedes Álvarez;
moderation by Gérard Colas, Pierre-Marie Goulet, José Manuel Costa

9 pm          Closing dinner


11 am       
Saguenail, Regina Guimarães
O Nosso Caso Livro II: A Terra Prometida (2004, 45’)

Discussion with Saguenail, Regina Guimarães;
moderation by João Mário Grilo, José Manuel Costa

12 noon     Final discussion

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