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About the 2006 edition

A point of view about the world is a point of view about cinema. If one expects any film to incorporate a point of view about the world, today one should also note the importance of stressing almost the inverse: in the midst of the present audiovisual saturation, the productive use of the means of the cinema claims for an even stronger engagement, exigency and clarity concerning the place of cinema in the modern world. As much as a point of view about the world, the production boom claims for a point of view about cinema as a consequent part of our vision of the world.

The 2006 seminar includes some examples of this, films and film makers that define the landscape, and, consequently, may guide us along a journey through some key trends of contemporary cinema. Starting with films where each shot reveals a strong construction method, we will then rather concentrate on the recent methodologies of direct cinema.

Regarding the latter, we will propose a confrontation between different filming strategies, including an analytic approach of various parameters: treatment of space, treatment of time, handling of the camera, sound, editing.

The 2006 edition shall run according to a new structure of debates, in three distinct levels: dialogues on specific films; thematic presentation on formal strategies; collective debate.
2006 edition


With the presence of Pierre-Marie Goulet,
Aurélien Gerbault, Pedro Costa, Catarina Mourão, Pedro Sena Nunes, Leonor Areal, Susana Nobre, Catarina Alves Costa, Rahul Roy,
Frederick Wiseman, Keja Ho Kramer


9.30 pm    
Pierre-Marie Goulet
Encontros (2006, 105’)


10 am       
Discussion with Pierre-Marie Goulet;
moderation by Cyril Neyrat, Serge Meurant, José Manuel Costa

12 noon     Aurélien Gerbault

Tout refleurit (2006, 80’)

3 pm          Pedro Costa

Juventude em Marcha (2006, 155’)

6 pm         
Discussion with Pedro Costa, Aurélien Gerbault;
moderation by Emmanuel Burdeau, José Manuel Costa

10 am        "Direct cinema put into question" session, presented by José Manuel Costa

and Nuno Lisboa. With Pedro Sena Nunes, Leonor Areal, Susana Nobre,
Catarina Mourão, Catarina Alves Costa

12 noon    Catarina Mourão

À flor da Pele (2006, 60’)

2.30 pm    Pedro Sena Nunes

Elogio ao 1/2 (2006, 70’)

4 pm         
Discussion with Catarina Mourão, Pedro Sena Nunes;
moderation by José Manuel Costa, Nuno Lisboa

6 pm          Rahul Roy

Sunder Nagri [The City Beautiful] (2003, 78’)

7.30 pm    
Discussion with Rahul Roy;
moderation by Catarina Alves Costa


10 am        Frederick Wiseman

Belfast, Maine (1999, 248’)

4 pm          Discussion with Frederick Wiseman;
moderation by José Manuel Costa, Nuno Lisboa


10 am
       Programme of films from the project "The First Look".
With Pierre-Marie Goulet, Teresa Garcia, Kees Baker

12 noon     Frederick Wiseman

La dernière lettre (2002, 61’)

4 pm          Close reading with excerpts presented by Frederick Wiseman.
Com José Manuel Costa, Nuno Lisboa

9 pm          Closing dinner


10 am       
Keja Ho Kramer
I’ll be Your Eyes, You’ll be Mine (2006, 47’)

11 am         Discussion with Keja Ho Kramer;

moderation by Ricardo Matos Cabo, Nuno Lisboa

12 noon      Final discussion

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