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Requestioning the political image.

Still on the ashes of a century that was of politics and of the cinema, how can we address today the relationships between these two fields? Starting by evoking seminal gestures of an era when the terms of that dichotomy had already been radically questioned (the turn from the sixties to the seventies), we will then move towards recent films that may help us think about the time elapsed and the opening of new cycles.

On the one hand, films that reflect the agony of an age – politics after the 20th Century politics, politics after politics. On the other hand, film explorations of territories that bear a strong imprint from memories, or ruins, of that previous time. On the other still, new gestures of political accusation that, in a very rare combination nowadays, also unfold as a reflection on the use of image.

Some possible clues in a program not aiming at systematization; it is rather built on partial questions, titles that may open cracks on the remaining clichés. Now and ever: what is a political image?

2009: Requestioning the political image


With the presence of Eduardo Escorel, Mónica Baptista, Aliona Polunina, Manuel Mozos,
Lee Anne Schmitt, Robert Fenz, Tiago Afonso,
Cobra T e Cobra G, Sylvain George, Abderrahmane Sissako


9 pm         
Pier Paolo Pasolini
La Rabbia (1963, 83’)



10 am        Glauber Rocha

Terra em Transe (1967, 115’)

Eduardo Escorel
J. (2008, 12’)
O Tempo e o Lugar (2008, 98’)

3 pm
           Mónica Baptista

Territórios (2009, 11’)

Aliona Polunina
Revolutsioon Mida Polnud [The Revolution that wasn‘t] (2008, 96’)

6 pm          Collective debate


10 am        Manuel Mozos

Ruínas (2009, 60’)

Lee Anne Schmitt
California Company Town (2008, 77’)

3 pm          Session presented by Robert Fenz

Bruce Baillie
All my Life (1966, 3’)

Peter Hutton
NY Near Sleep For Saskia (1972, 10’)

Raymond Depardon

New York, N.Y. (1986, 9’)

Robert Fenz
Meditations on Revolution: Part IV: Greenville (2001, 29')
Part V: Foreign City (2003, 32')

Johan van der Keuken
The Filmmaker’s Holiday (1974, 39')

7 pm          Collective debate


10 am        
Session presented by Robert Fenz

Robert Fenz
Crossings (2006, 10)
Meditations on Revolution: Part I: Lonely Planet (1997, 12’)
Part II: The Space in Between (1997, 8’)
Part III: Soledad (2001, 14’)

Ken Jacobs
Perfect Film (1986, 27')

Robert Fenz
Vertical Air (1996, 26')

1 pm          Tiago Afonso

Lefteria (2009, 30’)

Cobra T e Cobra G
Cobra G8 (2009, 10’)

3 pm          Sessão with excerpts presented by Sylvain George

Sylvain George
No Border (Aspettavo Che Scendesse La Sera) (2005-2008, 23’)
N’entre pas sans violence dans la nuit (2005-2008, 20’)
(Contre-feux nº 3): Europe année 06 (Fragments Ceuta) (2006-2008, 12’)

5.30 pm      Collective debate

7.30 pm      Cocktail-dinatoîre

10 pm        Abderrahmane Sissako

Octobre (1993, 36')
Rostov-Luanda (1997, 59’)


10 am
         Sylvain George
Qu’il reposent en revolte (des figures de guerre) – work in progress (2009, 60’)
L’impossible - pages arrachés (2009, 60’)

Pier Paolo Pasolini
Appunti per una Orestíade Africana (1970, 70’)

3 pm          Abderrahmane Sissako
Bamako (2006, 115')

6 pm          Collective debate

9 pm          Final debate


10.30 am    
Cinema, One Hundred Years of Youth programme, presented by the Association
“Os Filhos de Lumière”. Includes the screening of films directed by students from Serpa Highschool. With Teresa Garcia, Pierre-Marie Goulet

Manoel de Oliveira

A Caça (1963, 30’)

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