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Idea of an island

 A program of utopian and dystopian visions of the world we live in: insulated places where the entire world is condensed, discovered territories where, as in a stratified rock, different ages and origins, solitary gestures and collective gestus, tensions between the visible and the invisible, word and image, interior and exterior, real and imaginary, memory and transformation
are overlapping.

By materializing, in the middle of the ocean, the utopias of community and retreat that are at the origin of Doc's Kingdom, the "Idea of an island" is thus literal and metonymic, as all cinema and any shot of a film.
In the manifold program, the presence of land and sea, the atopic reality of globalization, social chimeras and individual dreams, isolation and alienation, will form a heterogeneous panorama of worldviews.

For the first time in the history of the seminar, the programme was not released beforehand: everyday, the group entered the theatre wihtout knowing which films composed the screening. Departing without a map,
combining  availability and risk, each participant in Doc's Kingdom cooperated in an experience that could not be foreseen, but that was nonetheless
individually imagined and projected.
2013: Idea of an island


In the presence of Rebecca Baron, André Príncipe, Joaquim Pinto,
Rudolf Thome,
Cynthia Beatt,
Stephanie Spray, Pacho Velez, Luisa Homem, Pedro Pinho, Ben Russell,
Ben Rivers, Eloy Enciso, Nicolas Rey, João Vladimiro


9.30 pm    
Public screening

Rebecca Baron
The Idea of North (1995, 14’)

Allan Sekula, Noël Burch
The Forgotten Space (2010, 112')


9 am         
Rebecca Baron
okay bye-bye (1998, 39')

Robert Kramer
Berlin 10/90 (1990, 60’)

11.15 am    André Príncipe
Campo de Flamingos sem Flamingos (2013, 91’)

2.30 pm 
   Joaquim Pinto
E Agora? Lembra-me (2013, 164')

6 pm          Collective discussion


9 am          Rudolf Thome, Cynthia Beatt

Beschreibung einer Insel [Study of an Island] (1979, 192')

2 pm          Stephanie Spray, Pacho Velez
Manakamana (2013, 117')

4.30 pm      Luisa Homem, Pedro Pinho
As Cidades e as Trocas (W.I.P., 72’)

Ben Russell
Let Us Persevere in What We Have Resolved before We Forget (2013, 20’)

6.30 pm   
Collective discussion


9 am          Ben Rivers

The Creation as We Saw It (2012, 14')

Eloy Enciso
Arraianos (2012, 65’)

10.45 am  
Kidlat Tahimik
Mababangong bangungot [Perfumed Nightmare] (1977, 93')

Recording of Kidlat Tahimik's performance at Basilica Hudson,
New York, 18th October 2012 (20')

1 pm          Boat trip to the island of Pico

5 pm          Colective discussion

9.30 pm    
Public screening

Paulo Abreu
Adormecido (2012, 12')

Robert Flaherty
Man of Aran (1934, 75’)


9 am         
Nicolas Rey
Les Soviets plus l’électricité (2001, 175’)

2 pm          Aleksandr Sokurov

Povinnost [Confession] (1998, 210’, incomplete screening)

Discussion in small groups

6 pm          Collective discussion


9 am          Aily Nash
Omiya Hachiman Dori (W.I.P. 32')

João Vladimiro

Lacrau (2012, 99')

11.30 am    Ben Rivers, Ben Russell

A Spell to Ward off the Darkness (2013, 95’)

2.30 pm     Rebecca Baron
Serios (W.I.P., 12')

James Benning
Stemple Pass (2012, 120’)

5 pm          Collective discussion

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