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Idea of an island

In the inaugural issue of the new cycle in the Azores, a program of utopian and dystopian visions of the world we live in: insulated places where the entire world is condensed, discovered territories where, as in a stratified rock, different ages and origins, solitary gestures and collective gestus, tensions between the visible and the invisible, word and image, interior and exterior, real and imaginary, memory and transformation
are overlapping.

By materializing, in the middle of the ocean, the utopias of community and retreat that are at the origin of Doc's Kingdom, the "Idea of an island" is thus literal and metonymic, as all cinema and any shot of a film.
In the manifold program, the presence of land and sea, the atopic reality of globalization, social chimeras and individual dreams, isolation and alienation, will form a heterogeneous panorama of worldviews.

For the first time in the history of the seminar, the programme was not released beforehand: everyday, the group entered the theatre wihtout knowing what films composed the screening. Departing without a map,
combining  availability and risk, each participant in Doc's Kingdom cooperated in an experience that could not be foreseen, but that was nonetheless
individually imagined and projected.
2013: Idea of an island

vulcão (volcano) | Pilar Monsell

HD 11 min, pilar monsell, spain / portugal, 2013
languages: portuguese / français / english / castellano

an encounter. with a volcanic landscape for the first time, and with the colours that are its consequence. with the fragment of a text by henri bergson in a foreign language. with nathalie and nicolas, a pair of the kind of filmmakers that it is good to have close by. and an improvised crew brought together by chance and affinity.

la mujer de la voz: nathalie nambot / el hombre de las gafas: nicolas rey / el traductor portugués: francisco rosas / texto: henri bergson / dirección, cámara y montaje: pilar monsell / ayudante de cámara: clara sanz / sonido directo: pablo cayuela

realizado en el trayecto entre las islas de faial y pico (azores) gracias a la beca manuel cintra ferreira del seminario internacional de cine documental doc's kingdom - idea de una isla

gracias a cátia salgueiro, nuria rodríguez, rosa baptista, eva reyes, marion berger, manuel praena y a todo el equipo humano que ha hecho posible doc's kingdom 2013

córdoba, octubre 2013.

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